The 10 Best Lamb Of God Songs

We love Lamb Of God here at Tunescope and in celebration of the release of new Lamb of God album VII: Sturm Und Drang, we’d like to share our ten favorite Lamb Of God tunes from their previous albums.   Are we right? Tell us yours using the comments.

Walk With Me In Hell (Sacrament 2006)

[youtube id=ZPzsx3AdHpw]

Grace (Wrath 2009)

[youtube id=-FO4N5vbouE]

Laid To Rest (Ashes of the Wake 2004)

[youtube id=HL9kaJZw8iw]

Undertow (Resolution 2012)

[youtube id=ZpfKZxDLUFQ]

Hourglass (Ashes of the Wake 2004)

[youtube id=vwRaC89TKmg]

The Faded Line (Ashes of the Wake 2004)

[youtube id=Waecrurko3g]

Omerta (Ashes of the Wake 2004)

[youtube id=q1jrO5PBXvs]

Ruin (As The Palaces Burn 2003)

[youtube id=iFm9v0wvEnw]

Insurrection (Resolution 2012)

[youtube id=la-nGuoegMI]

Redneck (Sacrament 2006)

[youtube id=oqdZpxkzNvc]

Listening to the tracks released from VII: Sturm Und Drang so far, its pretty clear that we are going to have to extend this list in the near future \m/.

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