Amberian Dawn The Court Of Mirror Hall Lyric Video

The Court Of Mirror Hall is the brand new song from by Finnish symphonic metal band Amberian Dawn.  The track is taken from their new album Innuendo, the LP was produced by Amberian Dawn multi-instrumentalist & composer Tuomas Seppälä, and is expected to be be released on October 23rd via the Napalm Records label.

Tuomas Seppälä said about the new album – “This is one of the most melodic and vocal-driven album in Amberian Dawn‘s history. I’ve composed these songs in a little bit of a different way than I’ve used to do before. I have worked with these songs without any limitations. Some of the elements I’ve used have been quite unusual in the heavy metal genre and there’s going to be a fresh new sound for Amberian Dawn. Musically, these songs are still very much influenced by classical music but also by electro-composers like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, for example. Our new vocalist, Capri, was able to bring tons of emotion with her sound and lyric writing and I’m sure that this album will be our best so far!”

Innuendo track listing

01. Fame & Gloria
02. Ladyhawk
03. Innuendo
04. The Court Of Mirror Hall
05. Angelique
06. Rise Of The Evil
07. Chamber Of Dreadful Dreams
08. Knock Knock Who’s There
09. Symphony Nr. 1, Part 1 – The Witchcraft
10. Your Time – My Time

Amberian Dawn - Innuendo - Cover

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