Amenize ‘Black Sky’ Album Streaming in Full

Brazilian metal band Amenize have published their entire second studio album Black Sky online for streaming, the LP was released on October 15th 2015 and is now available for listening via the player below.

The album is available to buy now at the following outlets Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby.

The album is described as a concept album by the band, who said – “Black Sky is the title song of the album. As a concept album, the story takes place in an alternative world that’s dominated by an institution called Black Sky. The main character is someone like you, like me, like us who simply can’t stand living his life dominated by an invisible force that uses the alienation as it’s powerful weapon. It’s time to face the faceless.”

Says Amenize – “We”re so happy to finally share with everyone our second album, Black Sky. We’re all controlled by invisible forces everyday and with this concept album we hope to open minds and eyes. People need to see that we are the solution. It’s time to face the faceless”

Amenize - Black Sky - Cover

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