Apparatus Announce Debut Self-Titled Album

Danish metal band Apparatus will release their debut self-titled album via Lavadome Productions.   The record is already available on Bandcamp for streaming with a new six-panel digi-sleeve CD to be released on October 20th 2015 which can be preordered on the Lavadome Productions web store.  Follow the guys on Facebook for the latest updates from them.

From the press release – “Apparatus‘ self-titled album is a staggering piece of grotesque art on which the band employs primordial weaponry in the invasion of multiple musical territories the result an original, dense, and thoroughly devastating journey into audio horror. The incredibly crushing dynamics of the songs and the flow of the album result in a mind-bending, soul-scarring experience. The deeper one ventures into Apparatus’ macabre realm, the more harrowing and sadistically satisfying the experience. The abyss calls, the mortal world is poisoned, and barbarous energies unleashed; leaving permanent scars, both physical and mental. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

Apparatus track listing:
1. Sermon I
2. The Unreverberate Blackness of the Abyss
3. Spheres
4. R’lyeh
5. Sermon II
6. Dissecting Temporal Dimensions to Afflict the Abyssi of Chronos
7. Miskatonic
8. King God
9. Sermon III
10. Prayer
11. Arkham

Apparatus - Apparatus - Cover

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