Bed of a Nun ‘Downstairs’ Lyric Video Released

Poetic rock band Bed Of A Nun (BOAN) have released a new lyric video for their song Downstairs.

The track comes from the bands debut release titled Waiting for a Visit, which was released on December 4th. The release is a musical conversion of twelve poems by Enzinger, based on his personal near death experience.

Bed Of A Nun was formed in 2014 by two Austrian rock icons Günter Maier (ex-U8, ex-Stygma IV, ex-Crimson Cult) and Lem Enzinger (ex-U8, ex-Schubert, ex-No Bros). The line-up was completed with the addition of Alex Hilzensauer (ex-Stygma IV, ex-Crimson Cult), playing 7-string bass, and drummer Peter Bachmayer (ex-Crimson Cult).

Bed Of A Nun combine different elements of metal, folk, classical and pop music to a multi-layered poetic rock which puts a lot of weight especially in acoustic elements. Apart from powerful melodic arches and epic choruses the quartet focuses also on very quiet but not less intensive sounds suitable to the serious lyrics. Bed Of A Nun make mature, grown up music which isn’t meant as easy listening background music – it is music which will really unfold when someone lets it sink in properly.

Bed Of A Nun are:

Lem Enzinger (vocals)
Günter Maier (guitars)
Alex Hilzensauer (bass guitar)
Peter Bachmayer (drums)

Bed Of A Nun Waiting for a Visit Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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