Belphegor ‘Black Winged Torment’ Music Video Published

Austrian blackened death metal band Belphegor have dropped a new music video for their song Black Winged Torment, a track taken from their latest album Conjuring The Dead  which is available to buy everywhere.

In other news, Belphegor are to blitzkrieg around Europe and the United Kingdom on their Conjuring The Dead Raid 2015 tour.  Joining them for the dates will be Vital Remains And Hate.

Belphegor main-man Helmuth Lehner said about the tour – “Hail! It’s great to return to the mighty land of NWOBHM. Always a pleasure to glorify brutal Metal with you demons! You better not miss this fucking extraordinary, blasphemous Death/Black Metal package! ENGLAND IS GOING TO HELL WITH US ON 7TH DECEMBER 2015!!”

Belphegor - Conjouring The-Dead - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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