Biggus Riffus Self-Titled Album Released and Streaming

After less than a year together as a band United Kingdom’s Biggus Riffus have dropped their first full length LP online.  The album was released TODAY the 18th of October 2015, independently by the band.

The self-titled debut is awash with catchy rock/blues hooks, riffs galore and has been put online in full for streaming via Band Camp.  Well worth a listen, these guys will get your head bobbing pretty quickly, and come on Biggus Riffus is by far the best name for a band EVER.

Check it out in the player below, and you’d better get in there quick if you’re gonna buy this on CD because only 100 physical copies have been printed.

Checkout Biggus Riffus on Facebook for more news from them.

Biggus Riffus track listing:

1. Hurt So Bad 03:08
2. The River 03:59
3. To Make Me Stronger 03:56
4. Favour To Destroy 03:39
5. Pain Forest 03:42
6. It Never Makes a Sound 03:53
7. No Tomorrow 04:43
8. Olympus Mons 03:36

Biggus Riffus - Biggus Riffus - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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