Born Of Osiris ‘Soul Sphere’ Album Streaming

Born Of Osiris have released a full album stream of their new record Soul Sphere, the record is released TODAY on October 23rd 2015 via Sumerian Records, and you can listen the the entire thing before buying.

Pre-order Soul Sphere on iTunes, the bands webstore now, and find vinyl pre-orders and bundle deals here.

Many religions, cultures, and stories attribute power to the number three. In Egyptian mythology, it symbolizes plurality, and ‘triads’ of deities comprise a complete system. It’s no surprise that the god Osiris was born to one such triad alongside siblings Horus and Isis. It’s also not a coincidence that Chicago heavy metal quintet Born Of Osiris found a similar significance within that number on their fifth full-length album, Soul Sphere.

Said keyboardist Joe Buras about the concept – “The whole story of the record involves three levels,The first one is The Binding. You’re hanging, and you’re stagnant. The second is The Fight. You were hanging, but now you’re pulling away from this linchpin, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. The final is The Release. You break away and feel free, connected, and loved.”

“We wanted to use that title for so long. Collectively, we’ve had so much resilience, going through different friendships and changes over the years but still maintaining our connection amongst us.  We talk about feeling lost, finding yourself, and opening up to love.  It’s all three tiers in one song. As far as the title goes, the Native Americans referred to Aurora Borealis as Goddess of the Dawn before they knew what it was. Many cultures and religions would actually worship it.”

Soul Sphere could only by conjured by a group of musicians so personally distinct. Beyond Born Of Osiris, each member continues to enrich his own sphere. In addition to being a partnered Twitch gamer and streamer, Lee is involved in multiple music projects, spanning electronic dance music and progressive rock. His solo guitar project landed in the Top 10 of the Rock Chart alongside System of a Down and Black Sabbath. David runs his own jewelry line D A V I and remains an avid fisherman. Cameron splits his time between drum lessons and composition. Joe oversees and designs the band’s stage production, aesthetic, and lighting, and Ronnie envisions the sweeping sci-fi concepts inside the lyrics and inspiring the artwork. “This group is five best friends together” says Ronnie. “We’re all different, and that makes something cool. Not every band has the closeness we do. We’ve all known each other since high school.”

Soul Sphere track listing:

1. Free Fall
2. Goddess Of The Dawn
3. Illuminate
4. Resilience
5. River Of Time
6. The Composer
7. The Louder The Sound, The More We All Believe
8. The Other Half Of Me
9.The Sleeping And The Dead
10. Throw Me In The Jungle
11. Tidebinder
12. Warlords


Born Of Osiris - Soul Sphere - Cover

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