Butcher Babies, Take It Like A Man Album Track listing Unveiled

The track listing for the upcoming Butcher Babies album, Take It Like A Man has been revealed by the band.    Take It Like A Man will be released on the 21th of August 2015 via Century Media Records.

Take It Like A Man track listing:

01. Monsters Ball
02. Igniter
03. The Cleansing
04. The Butcher
05. Gravemaker
06. Thrown Away
07. Never Go Back
08. Marquee
09. Blood Soaked Hero
10. Dead Man Walking
11. For The Fight
12. Blonde Girls All Look The Same

Vocalist Carla Harvey recently told Big Smash Radio – “The majority of the album is very aggressive thrash metal. On this album, we wanted to go back to our roots, which were aggressive thrash, and ninety percent of the album is that.”

Vocalist Heidi Shepherd adding to this – “But the thing is we’re not ever gonna sacrifice who we are for that. What we’re attempting with this is to bring back the metal and the aggression into radio. So we kind of… We merged the two worlds. And radio stations who have heard it so far are impressed and we’re very excited for that.”

Harvey also todl Big Smash about the album title – “We all come from different places and backgrounds, but every member of this band had to fight to be the person he or she is today. That’s the whole basis for the record. It’s not a gender thing. It’s the inner strength you have to find in order to pull your boots up and keep moving forward, whatever the situation may be.”

Butcher Babies


butcher babies take it like a man

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