Cloak Of Altering ‘Manifestation’ Album Streaming

Cloak Of Altering are streaming their full recently released album Manifestation online.  The LP was released last Friday, 4th December 2015 via the Crucial Blast Records label and can now be streamed in full using the player below.

Buy the LP in CD Digipack & Digital formats on Band Camp / follow the band on Facebook for the latest Cloak Of Altering updates.

From the press release – “The sound is still rooted in a bizarre confluence of majestic synth-drenched black metal, skewed industrial heaviness, and fractured Planet Mu-esque electronic music, seemingly as informed by the hallucinatory throes of early Coil and the violent breakcore of Bong-Ra and Venetian Snares as it is by classic Nordic black metal. Strange contrapuntal riffs weave drunkenly amid crackling electronic glitch and eerie drones. Mournful synthscapes unfold across glacial rhythms and distorted doom-laden dirges. Blasts of foul, industrialized death metal pummel erupt alongside ominous piano figures and swells of sickening orchestral dissonance. Swarms of blackened tremolo riffage sweep across sputtering malfunctioning rhythms and strange electronic accoutrements. One notable difference from the previous album: the vocals, which here often take form here as a vile, guttural robotic croak, a sickeningly putrid android presence that is layered among the rest of the distant shrieks, anguished screams and chilling, garbled cries that all feel as if they are trying to escape the bowels of some nightmarish AI system. ”

Cloak Of Altering Manifestation Album Cover

Cloak Of Altering Manifestation Cover

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