Continents ‘Life of Misery’ Music Video Released

Life of Misery is the brand new music video for the song from UK metal/hardcore band Continents.  The track is taken from the third Continents LP titled Reprisal, which was released yesterday October 30th via Victory Records.

Said the band – “We’ve been playing more of the new tracks recently and the feedback we’re getting usually goes along the lines of ‘Holy shit, the new stuff is intense!’  Reprisal is different to Idle Hands, there’s no denying it, but the whole album is much more intense.   If 2013’s Idle Hands was like being punched in the face, Reprisal is like being thrown out of a plane and being repeatedly round-house kicked before you hit the ground.”

The new album is available to order via the Victory Web Store, additionally, you can see Continents around the web on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Reprisal Track Listing:

1. Drowned in Hate
2. Scorn
3. Life of Misery
4. The Stand
5. I (interlude)
6. Reprisal, Awakening
7. Lost
8. Loathe, Loss
9. The Defeatist
10. Alone
11. II

Continents Reprisal Album Promo

Continents will also be heading out on a European tour next year with Kingdom Of Giants and High Hopes, in support of the new LP.

High Hopes - Kingdom Of Giants - Continents - European tour - 2016

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