Contrarian ‘Need For Apathy’ Song Streaming

Need For Apathy is the new song streaming from American technical death metal band Contrarian.  The track is featured on the new Contrarian LP titled Polemic, which is due for release on November 20th via the Willowtip label.

Contrarian guitarist Jim Tasikas explained the new track – “This is the second track on Polemic. This track is unique in that the majority of the song consists of meandering melody-style riffs that are harmonized in fifths — which is uncommon within a genre that tends to prefer guitar harmonies in thirds — along with a reoccurring ‘open’ string motif to add atmosphere.”

“The song features two blistering yet contrasting side-by-side solos by both Brian Mason and Leon Macey. The guitar melodies aren’t the only meandering in this song; pay close attention to how bassist Ed Paulsen cleverly navigates alternate patterns and textures throughout. Also worth noting is how this might be the first time within this genre you will hear such aggressive guttural vocals over such intricate and refined melodies.  Along with the music, the lyrics should give a pretty good idea of why and how this release is most definitely a contrarian’s polemic of the avant-garde death metal kind.”

Contrarian‘s prodigiously talented line-up includes the likes of Nile drummer George KolliasMithras guitarist Leon Macey, vocalist Cody McConnell of Goemagot and Delirium Endeavor‘s guitarist Jim Tasikas and bassist Ed Paulsen.  Lets just call them a super group shall we?

You can checkout Contrarian‘s new lyric video for their cover of the classic Death track Nothing Is Everything at this location.

Pre-order details are expected to be in-bound soon, in the meantime, follow Contrarian on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from the band.

Polemic track listing:

1. Polemic
2. Need For Apathy
3. Retrieval
4. Foreknowledge
5. Predestined
6. Libertarian Manifesto
7. Diogenes At Delphi
8. Nothing Is Everything

Contrarian - Polemic - Cover

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