Crown The Empire Prisoners Of War Video Released

The Prisoners Of War music video has been released by American metalcore band Crown The Empire.   The song is featured on a deluxe re-issue of the band second album The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways which was released in July 2014 on the Rise Records label.

The re-issue which is entitled The Resistance: Deluxe Edition, will include all of the previous songs plus two brand new songs Prisoners Of War, Cross Our Bones, an alternate version of Machines and the acoustic arrangement of Millenia.

Andrew ‘Andy Leo’ Velasquez commented on the new tracks and the re-issue – “For us, the new songs on the deluxe edition of The Resistance are about closure. So much has changed over the last few years, and up until this point, I think we’ve been searching for who we were as artists. Cross Our Bones, Prisoners of War and Machines (re-invented) are just the surface level of what we feel we’ve uncovered creatively as songwriters and as individuals. As we bring The Resistance to an end, we hope these songs excite you for what is to come”

David Escamilla added about the track – “Prisoners of War is the most honest we’ve ever been lyrically. We felt completely open and able to talk about how we felt as a band, and for one last time, we were able to bring those real emotions into the world of The Resistance. Every journey must come to an end, and with this one drawing to an end, we wanted to thank all of you for being a part of it, and invite you along as we head towards a new horizon for Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire - The-Resistance Deluxe Edition - Cover


Check out The Resistance: Deluxe Edition tracklist

1. A Call To Arms (Act i)
2. Initiation
3. Millennia
4. Machines
5. The Wolves of Paris (Act ii)
7. Second Thoughts
8. Maniacal Me
9. Satellites (Act iii)
10. Rise of the Runaways
11. Bloodline
12. The Phoenix Reborn
13. Johnny’s Rebellion
14. Prisoners of War
15. Cross Our Bones
16. Machines (Reinvented)
17. Millennia (Acoustic)

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