Culture Killer ‘Throes Of Mankind’ Album Streaming

American death/thrash band Culture Killer are streaming their debut full debut album Throes of Mankind online.   The LP was released worldwide last Friday on, November 27th via Metal Blade Records and can be ordered  now on the Metal Blade web store.

Throes of Mankind was tracked with Austin Coupe and Kenny Gil at Pig Pen Recordings, and produced by Kenny Gil, with mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Culture Killer said the recording effort was – “the smoothest, most fun process we have ever experienced.  Kenny and Austin are old friends of ours, so honestly it was just an all around amazing experience.

Commenting on the mission of the band, Culture Killer said – “The band’s purpose is to bring attention to the harsh realities that some people choose to disregard, whether it be misinformation or ignorance . The presence of these injustices and inequalities have always existed, but we believe they need to be brought to the forefront of discussion and ultimately changed.”

“These topics include, but are not limited to, cultural decline, racism, child predators, domestic violence, drug & alcohol abuse, and the impact of war on the human mind. The evils of the world and the lack of compassion between human beings and their own kind. We hope that listeners leave with a firm understanding on how we feel about these subjects and join us in keeping them unveiled and visible.”

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Throes of Mankind track listing

1. Blindfolded Death
2. Path of Reflection
3. Exterminate Filth
4. Cloaked in Deceit
5. Throes
6. Justice Through Retaliation
7. (Sub)Stance
8. Flesh Empire
9. Hellbent
10. Inhuman Nature

Culture Killer - Throes of Mankind - Cover


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