Darkwaters ‘Strongest Of Them All’ New Track & Lyric Video

A new lyric video for the song Strongest Of Them All from Odds and Lies, the second studio album by Portuguese metal band Darkwaters, has been released into the wilds.  The new track/video follows the official music video for Confession which was dropped a couple of weeks ago.

Odds and Lies is scheduled for release on October 14 via Premiere Music and Preorders are available now via the Premiere Music web store and follow the guys on Facebook or Twitter for the latest Darkwaters updates.

From the press release about the band – “DarkWaters are a metal band that emerged in Portugal, in August 2012, as the result of the union of five musicians.”

“Nine months after its inception, the band had its first public appearance at the Hard Rock Rising 2013 contest where they reached the finals of the Portuguese edition and immediately caused a commotion in the music scene of this country with their innovative, powerful and aggressive sound.

“Since then Darkwaters have been playing in various events, supported by an ever growing number of fans, mainly due to the release of their first album, Golden Age of Decadence, in September 2013. Golden Age of Decadence has been highly acclaimed as a great and unique album for many people in the music industry.

“In August 2015 the band signed a record deal with Premiere Music for the release of their second studio album, more news soon, stay tuned!”

Darkwaters - Odds and Lies - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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