Dvalin Sign To NoiseArt Records

Folk/Pagan metal act Dvalin have signed to the NoiseArt Records label.

From the press release “Where fresh blood is pumping through the veins and the re of youthful passion is setting hearts ablaze, vision and tradition unite to bring new life into the world. That‘s how in 2010 Dvalin were born in the Southern German town of Würzburg – an auspicious alliance of various in uences, named after one of the legendary dwarves in Norse mythology but rather resembling a slumbering giant whose imminent awakening is going to make the metal scene shake in the most massive tremor it has felt in years!”

Says the band – “We are more than happy to announce that we’ve been signed to NoiseArt and we’re looking forward a lot to cooperating with the label. Our debut album will surely leave a lasting impression!”

Dvalin are not just ‘another Folk / Pagan Metal Act’, they stand head and shoulders above the pack with their unique sound, which is both refreshing and original! The guys combine melodic, playful and sometimes experimental Death Metal with classical medieval sounds, blending instruments like the bagpipes akin to medieval rock bands such as In Extremo. A delight for the ear is also the fact that each member knows his craft and Dvalin move playfully at a higher level than one that might expect from a band so young.”
ELUVEITIE | Chrigel Glanzmann

Author: Staff Writer

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