End Of The Atlas ‘Evolve’ Album Streaming in Full

Leeds, United Kingdom melodic metalcore band End Of The Atlas are streaming their full new album titled Evolve online.

The LP was released on 26th of September 2015 with the following announcement from the band – “This is Evolve! Our debut album that we have spent so much time and effort on. It has been a rocky and strange start for us over 2 years ago and now our old material doesn’t really reflect our sound. But now with the new line up and new determination we created this album!”

“We would personally like to thank all our friends and family who have helped and supported us all the way to this stage! Without you we couldn’t have even got close to making a full album! ”

“We would also like to thank the wonderful Sam Butterfield who toiled over this album during the recording, mixing and mastering stages to create this amazing sound with us and for also putting up with us (because we’re dicks haha). ”

“Finally our few loyal fans…we would like to thank you for sticking by us through the thick and thin…and the old music too haha!”

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Evolve track listing

1. If You’re Cooler Then I’m Frieza 03:16
2. Manipulation 03:48
3. Calm Before The Storm 03:02
4. The Art Of Living In Regret 04:15
5. Pleasant Valley Ain’t So Pleasant 03:38
6. Left Behind 03:31
7. Between An Ocean 04:07
8. Foundations 03:48

End Of The Atlas - Evolve - Cover

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