Epica Summer ‘Chemical Insomnia’ Summer Tour Footage

Dutch symphonic metal band Epica have released some footage of them live on tour during their 2015 summer festival run.  The video features some fun moments with the band and cuts from performances at the various shows they played over the summer, the song playing over the video is Chemical Insomnia.

Footage of The Essence Of Silence being performed live by the band at a recent show in Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium has also been dropped into the wilds.  The track hails from the sixth full length Epica album The Quantum Enigma which hit the Billboard 200 at number 110 after selling over 3,700 copies in the first week of release.

Lead vocalist Simone Simmons told 100PercentRock in a recent interview what it was like recording the album with a newborn baby to look after – “I took him with me during vocal recordings in the studio last December because he was only two months old and I was breastfeeding and I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding. That was really heavy to have him with me on tour and in the studio, breastfeeding and then doing vocal recordings. Vocal recordings are already so super-demanding on your body and soul, but then having a little baby there, it’s like… whew.  It was one of the hardest jobs ever but I managed.”.

Simone continued on – “Basically we were on schedule with the new record, and I had to go actually earlier into the studio and I already told the guys that I cannot do that. My husband was on tour also, so the first couple of months were really heavy. But now it’s getting better. He sleeps through the night, he’s getting solid food as well. So he’s not only so focused on me anymore. He can also be taken care of by other people. So, then it’s easier to go on tour – but not yet. Like, my sister-in-law had a baby two days after me and she took a year off from working. But with a band like Epica it’s not possible to do that. And I think that after a while, I would also really be itching to get back to work as well.”

About the end result of of the record Simone added – “It’s the most diverse, heavy, catchy Epica record to date. All of our guys wrote songs for the record. There’s been extreme tight teamwork going on. We had a new producer, we had a new studio. We have a new mixer and like I said before, a new style of writing the record. So it has all five band members’ music style on it. We still kept the Epica sounds, the choirs, the orchestra and made it super heavy. The guitars are definitely very prominent this time. We wrote for the bigger choir, with the string ensemble, so everything is bigger and better!”

When asked about the meaning of the title and lyrical themes Simone states – “Well, on this record,” Simmons explains, “The Quantum Enigma is basically standing for our search of reality. Because when quantum physicists were observing particles they found out that when we directly look at them, they take a shape. When you look away, they change their shape. So does that mean that when we don’t look the reality’s changing? So through our observation we determine our reality and that’s very cool. So that’s the topic that we wanted to include on this record and be a little bit the key point where all the other lyrics are going to be attached to. The power of the human mind, the circle of life, those are all topics in our lyrics. So it’s very philosophical, very spiritual, very scientific”

Epica - The Quantum Enigma - Cover

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