Epistle ‘The Old Bridge’ Album Detailed

American doom metal band Epistle are to release a new LP titled The Old Bridge, the band has announced.

Said Epistle – “I would like to present the new album art for the forthcoming 2nd album The Old Bridge. This album is a bit strange inasmuch as its really a compilation of demo’s written and recorded over the last few years, fleshed out to be a cohesive working whole.”

“Like the first album ‘Alone’ this album is intensly personal. This time around however the topics not only range more but encompass a much broader existential scope than on ‘Alone.’ Additionally, this album will feature vocal work by a number of guests as well as compositional and keyboard work by my brother Justin Dagenhart. I’m very excited to showcase his work in conjunction with my own.”

The Old Bridge track listing:

1. Upon the Cross
2. The Throne at the Left Hand of God
3. The Old Bridge
4. Behold the Majesty of the Night Sky
5. Feathers Folded
6. A Philosopher’s Requiem

Epistle The Old Bridge Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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