Evertrapped ‘Embrace The End’ Music Video Published

Embrace The End is the brand new music video from Canadian melodic death metal band Evertrapped. The track is featured on Under The Deep their new album, which will be released on October 16th 2015.

Evertrapped said about the clip – “Our latest video for Embrace The End goes further underneath the depths of the darker side of. However, we also went ‘Blair Witch’ style in order to add the element of raw terror that the ‘home video’ style can bring. I will also add that the track itself is about the apocalypse and the actual last hour of the end. A look at almost coming to terms with the fact that it was likely the fault of humanity and embracing the acceptance of such evil.”

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Under The Deep Track Listing:

1. […] (1:58)
2. Arise From The Ashes (5:40)
3. Underneath The Deep (5:50)
4. Palace Of Injustice (6:06)
5. Hypnotized By Hatred (5:26)
6. Blood Of The Fallen (5:05)
7. Lethal District (6:28)
8. Burning Through Vengeance (5:36)
9. Reaper (5:30)
10. Embrace The End (5:55)

Evertrapped - Under The Deep - Cover

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