Fear Factory – Dielectric Video Release

Fear Factory have released a music video for the song Dielectric from their upcoming album Genexus.

The new album is Fear Factory‘s first release since signing to Nuclear Blast last year, and will be released worldwide on August 7th 2015.    Genexus was co-produced by veteran Fear Factory collaborator Rhys Fulber, guitarist Dino Cazarez, vocalist Burton C. Bell, and then mixed by influential producer Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, CRADLE OF FILTH, KREATOR, MACHINE HEAD, NEVERMORE).

Speaking on the origins of the album title Genexus, founding Member Burton C. Bell, explains

It’s the combination of two words, “genesis” and “nexus.” For us, this is the next stage of evolution for humanity, where nano-technology and machines and bionics become so much a part of us that the differentiation between human and machine becomes invisible. We were Cro-Magnon. Now we are the Genexus. Once we decide on the title, the concept and music really came together.

Thinking about that is exciting and terrifying at the same time. If there isn’t any difference between man and machine, what will happen to humanity? Are we human just because we’re actual flesh and bone? Or are we human because of the way we treat each other? How will machines treat each other and will they take on human qualities? We got into a lot of that in Genexus.

This album is a record of thought patterns, psychology and struggles of the Genexus generation. The cognitive machine has arrived, and it wants autonomy from the industry that created it. This machine struggles, like every other human has throughout the course of history. This is the story of every one of us.

Genexus track listing:

01. Autonomous Combat System
02. Anodized
03. Dielectric
04. Soul Hacker
05. Protomech
06. Genexus
07. Church Of Execution
08. Regenerate
09. Battle For Utopia
10. Expiration Date

Limited Edition Digi-pack bonus:

Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)
Enhanced Reality

fear factory genexus album cover

fear factory 2015

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