Flummox ‘Selcouth’ Album Detailed

Flummox will release their new album Selcouth on February 13th 2016 via the Tridroid Records label.  The band will be playing a release show the day before, follow them on Facebook for details when they become available.

Flummox commented – “This album turned out a lot heavier & darker than the last one. We’ve all dealt with all kinds of shit leading up to the recording of this one – everything from mental illness to the loss of friends & family ended up delivering to the overall tone of this album. Which is not to say this album is all dark, brooding, & serious or anything – we are still Flummox after all. This album is not without quirks or humor, even if that too is dark in nature.”

Selcouth track listing:

1. Selcouth
2. A National Selection
3. Tongue-Saw
4. The Ghost of Ronnie Dio
5. Hummingbird Anthem
6. Nazgu^l Ashes
7. Depression Heap
8. Pan’s Daughter
9. Flight Through the Cosmos Unibirth
10. Bark, Paddle, & Ball

Flummox Selcouth Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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