Hard Rock Genre in Trouble

Peter Mensch who’s music management company roster includes Metallica, Muse and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers told Simon Jack on BBC Radio 4’s Friday Boss Slot that he believe’s the Hard Rock Genre may be on its way out, due to a lack of quality bands coming through.  Additionally Mensch states that the music industry is contracting globally in terms of  physical album sales, leaving less money for album and tour promotion.

Mensch says that people who followed the metal and hard rock bands circa 1980’s, will remain loyal fans and probably still buy tickets for tour dates, but they wont buy new albums and the bands wont acquire new fans.   He asks “where is the new Metallica” and requests that anyone under the age of 25 who is in a hard rock band should call him.

Source BBC Radio 4

Author: Staff Writer

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