Hatchet Living In Extinction Lyrics Video

San Francisco Bay area thrash metal band Hatchet have premiered a lyric video for Living In Extinction, a new song from their upcoming third studio album Fear Beyond Lunacy which is due for release on October 30th 2015.    The album can be pre-ordered on TheOmegaOrder.

The band premiered The World Beyond in back in July Hatchet frontman Julz Ramos said about the track – “We felt The World Beyond was a good all around track to introduce fans to the new album. It has a good mixture of both fast and mid-tempo pacing with some cool gang chants in the verse. It isn’t the fastest or the most melodic on the album either, so we wanted people to get a taste but not give away the whole brewery up front. It only leads to good things from here!”

Ramos continued on to say about the cover for the record – “We’re excited to finally be revealing our cover art for our third studio album. The artwork was done by Andrej Bartulovic from All Things Rotten who also did our previous album cover for Dawn Of The End. The artwork depicts what I see us becoming as a modern society. A society of fear engrossed, media addicted slaves. We are constantly hooked on what our media and TVs are feeding us to believe to be true and what we should be afraid of today, tomorrow, next month/year etc.  I feel this is particularly true with Americans. There is always some big conspiracy happening or natural disaster predicted by someone hundreds of years ago that everyone in some form or another seems to live their lives in fear of. It’s getting out of hand and that’s what this picture represents; someone who is ultimately driven insane by this and where we can all be heading if we are not careful.”

Hatchet - Fear Beyond Lunacy - Cover

Fear Beyond Lunacy track listing:

01. Where Time Cannot Exist
02. Living In Extinction
03. Lethal Injustice
04. In Fear We Trust
05. Killing Indulgence
06. Dead And Gone
07. Tearing Into Hell
08. Prophet Of Delusion
09. The World Beyond

Bonus Tracks

10. Frozen Hell

Vinyl Edition Bonus Track

11. Awaiting Evil

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