Ill Niño Blood Is Thicker Than Water Video Released

Blood Is Thicker Than Water is a song from the new Ill Niño album Till Death, La Familia which was released back in July on Victory Records.

Ill Niño lead singer Cristian Machado said about the track -“Blood is Thicker Than Water is more than just a piece of music to me. Writing the lyrics seemed to me, at that point in my life, to be a healing process than anything else. Two years to that exact date, I held the hand of a beautiful human being and I watched her take her last breath. After her death, I held her for an hour, I cried, I thanked her for all her beauty, her innocence, and her love. I felt an incredible amount of regret, it was possibly the most painful moment I will ever go through in my life. I cannot put into words the feeling. I can say I attempted to put that emotion into the lyrics of Blood Is Thicker Than Water, but I know the depth of the words cannot bring to light the pain and suffering that she went through and also the mourning that followed. When we perform the song live, I sometimes have to put all my power into not being succumbed by that emotion once again. I hope the song can reach into the hearts of everyone who hears it. I hope it allows her beauty to live forever.”

Ill Niño - Till Death, La Familia - Cover


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