Insanity ‘Visions Of Apocalypse’ Album Detailed

American technical death metal band Insanity have revealed the details for its new LP Visions Of Apocalypse along with a stream of the first track on the record titled Sacrefixion.

Visions Of Apocalypse was originally laid to rest after the passing of drummer bud mills in 2007, but it has now been resurrected and will be released on November 13th 2015 via the Unspeakable Axe Records label with vinyl to come through Dark Descent Records later.

Insanity recently payed the following homage to recently passed Nunslaughter drummer Jim Konya – “Besides Jim’s family, our hearts go out to Don and Nunslaughter and all his other good friends for their loss.”

“We were lucky to get to know Jim after he brought Insanity to Cleveland. Not only did he book a cool show, feed us, get us a nice room at a place with a pool (during an intense heat wave), but even had us over to his house so he could do our laundry before we took off for Milwaukee before we saw him again both playing the Saturday at Central Illinois Metalfest.”

“Besides playing together again in LA, we kept in touch pretty regularly after that because he asked if we wanted to put out a split with his other project. Because of the split music was written (to old lyrics) to one of our better new songs which will always be dedicated to him.”

“He was a real character and one of the most giving and cool people anyone could ever meet. His passing leaves a huge void in many heavy hearts and we will never forget him.”

Visions Of Apocalypse track listing:

1. Sacrefixion
2. When
3. Sociopath
4. Mortification
5. Disillusioned
6. Dread The Dawn
7. Tired
8. Blind
9. Visions Of Apocalypse

Insanity - Visions Of Apocalypse - Cover

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