Kauan ‘Sorni Nai’ Album Streaming

Russian folk/doom act Kauan are streaming their seventh full length album titled Sorni Nai in full.    The new LP will be dropped on October 20th, 2015 via Blood Music with a later vinyl release coming on the 20th of November 2015.

Sorni Nai is said to be a concept album which tells the story of the 1959 Djatlov Pass Incident during which nine soviet hikers lost their lives in mysterious circumstances.

Said Kauan about this concept – “Their bodies were found a mile from their campsite, missing their skis, shoes, and coats while braving -30°F weather. Two of them had fractured skulls, two had major chest fractures, and one was missing her tongue. Investigators listed the cause of death as ‘a compelling natural force,’ and the case was immediately closed.”

And further about their motives as a band – “Our ultimate mission as a band is to create an aural journey with every song we create,” the band says. “We don’t believe in being tied down by genre descriptions or ethos in regards to our direction. Instead, we aim to guide through a specific dimension into fantasies inside the listener’s imagination. Sorni Nai is a single-song album where the frozen bodies of the dead, torn to pieces by a mysterious force in the Ural mountains, are a spark to guide you through a sense of wonder and desperation.”

Kauan - Sorni Nai - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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