Killing Ghandi ‘The Rise And Fall Of A Superhero’ Music Video Released

The Rise And Fall Of A Superhero is the new music video for the song by Danish melodic death metal band Killing Ghandi.

The song is featured on their recent debut album Cinematic Parallels which was produced by Jacob Hansen and released on 14th August 2015 via Crime Records.  The record is available to buy now via the label webshop

Founded in 2011 in Copenhagen Killing Ghandi draw their inspiration from the likes of In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Soilwork.  Guitarist Martin Arendal commented on the album – “We decided to do an album that came to our minds and to have absolutely no boundaries”

According the the Crime Records website, the concept of the album came from Martin Arendal’s top 11 all time favorite movies.   The titles of the movies then got renamed to coincide with Martins interpretation of the movie and used to create the song titles from which lyric ideas were formed.   This is the origin of the name Cinematic Parallels too.

Killing Ghandi Band 2015

Cinematic Parallels Track Listing:

1. Trailer # 1
2 The Cannibal Course
3. What Lies Beneath
4. Drugs for a Mindfuck
5. Trailer # 2
6. The Light will Shine Forever
7. Only the Strong will Survive
8. Trailer # 3
9. Leader of Losers
10. Trailer # 4
11. 0100101101000111
12.The Rise and Fall of a Superhero
13. Illusion of Death
14. Trailer # 5
15. D-Minor took my Life
16. The Next Level

Killing Gandhi - Cinematic Parallels

Killing Gandhi Are:

Thorbjørn “ThunderBear” Jensen Vocals
Martin Arendal Guitar
Rasmus Schmidt Drums
Kasper Gram Bass

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