Leave The Living ‘Manifesto’ Lyric Video Released

Canadian dark groove metal band Leave The Living have put out a brand new lyric video for their song Manifesto, a track featured on their latest release, Pacifist, an LP they released back on the 1st of May 2015.  Buy the record via their Band Camp.

Catch Leave The Living playing in their home town of Red Deer on the 31st of October 2015, along with a bunch of other bands and theatrics.

The band commented on the album thus – “We hope that old fans of the band are going to enjoy how much heavier the music has gotten since the EP and how much everyone in the band has grown as musicians. At the core we want people to really enjoy the new single and the new album. Tap their feet, move their heads, have a visceral response to it.”

With Leave The Living vocalist Justin Shadows added. “The lyrics are also inspired from a combination of things such as life experiences (Word of A Whore), insecurities (Undone), things I’ve read about (Manifesto) or any other manner of things that made me want to write. The meaning behind the album is that if we give up our right to express ourselves and dissent from popular opinion, then we deserve to live in a police state. That is it. We have the right to question our governments and ourselves. If we choose not to then we have no right to complain when the act in ways contrary to our beliefs.”

Pacifist track listing:

1. Let Go 02:28
2. Pacifist 02:59
3. Manifesto 04:08
4. Word of A Whore 03:49
5. Open Sea 01:57
6. Undone 03:07
7. Poison Pen 03:06
8. Sink or Swim 05:24
9. Farewell 02:41

Leave The Living - Pacifist - Cover

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