Leaves’ Eyes King Of Kings Lyric Video Released

German/Norwegian symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes have released a lyric video for the title track from their sixth studio album King Of Kings.  The LP was released on September 11th 2015 via AFM Records and is available now worldwide at a retailer near you.

The band recently released a video for The Waking Eye commenting about the video, they said – “It was filmed at several locations in Norway and Germany. Moreover, our son Leon plays the role of the child king Harald, while Alex performs as the grown-up Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway. I’m proud of my two Vikings!.  …For the battle, we recruited a horde of Vikings from several Viking groups: Værjaborg, Franci Saravi, Blodorn, Blodhvitnir and Ziu Zynir. As the battle was going on, Rainer ‘ZIPP’ Fränzen and his team filmed in rain and mud. It was epic fun to be one of the Viking warriors!”

Explaining the lyrical themes and concept behind King of Kings Liv Kristine said – “With our upcoming album, we would like to take you on a journey through a highly interesting chapter in Scandinavia’s history.  Hafrsfjord, Norway’s west-coast. A.D. 872. Did you hear what happened?”

“Harald Hårfagre (c.850-932), remembered by medieval historians as the first king of Norway. The battle of Hafrsfjord is described in the Saga of Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair) in Snorri’s Heimskringla. Harald defeated several petty kings and the battle is considered decisive in the unification of Norway. The seabed in Hafrsfjord hides many secrets and many traces. Moreover, Hafrsfjord is my birthplace.”

“Those of you who were present at our latest concerts surely noticed that there’s one new song on our setlist, Halvdan The Black – one chapter of the upcoming album, King Of Kings!”

Leaves' Eyes - King of Kings - Cover


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