Mario Duplantier Talks New Gojira Album Video

Mario Duplantier gave an interview to Impact metal channel before the bands 28th August gig in Dublin, in the conversation they touch on some of the history of the band,  the Duplantier brothers first exposure to art/music, the new material they are working on, and the coming Gojira tour dates in Japan.   Gojira is actually the Romanized (rōmaji) spelling of the Japanese legendary monster Godzilla which was the bands original name.

Speaking about the current status of recording on the new album Mario said – “The next step is we have to finish the guitar, the bass, the vocals, mixing the album and it will be done. But the drums are foundation, so the compositions are here. So the recording process is almost a detail. The most important, is the songs. So the songs are here.”

Mario previously told about the recording progress – “The drums are done. Part of the guitars, almost all the guitars are done also. So we need the bass and the vocals at this point. Because, we were supposed to record around February, something like this. But we made a statement of the songs in February, and we thought the songs were not enough good, you know?  So we decided to, Let’s put this song in the trash. Let’s just We were super picky, like never in the past. We worked on each song super long. Usually we have ten songs, and we record ten songs and that’s it. This time we were so picky that we decided around February to just, Let’s push the limit. Let’s do another song, maybe a better song. And Joe brought some crazy ideas, and I brought some cool ideas too, and together we built four new songs we thought were better than the. So we pushed the recording process and finally we started in April. So it’s why we couldn’t finish everything, because we had this tour also.”

Author: Staff Writer

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