Memories In Broken Glass ‘Aether’ Lyric Video Published

Texan progressive technical metal band Memories In Broken Glass have dropped a new music video for their song Aether.  The track was mixed, mastered and produced by Robert Beltran at precision studio and productions LLC.

Said vocalist Saul Castillo about the song – “Aether is a journey of one’s inner self through a series of scenes interpreted as a visual flight through a storm. With this concept I wanted to take a certain lyrical approach that a listener or reader could easily connect with and understand yet leave a certain mystery, not towards the song it self but towards the listener’s own perspective of their lives”

Aether is available to buy on Band Camp and you can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from them.

Memories In Broken Glass - Aether - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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