Moloken ‘Subliminal Hymns’ Music Video Published

Subliminal Hymns is the new official music video from Swedish progressive metal band Moloken.    The track is featured on the bands latest LP entitled All Is Left To See, which was released on October 23rd 2015 in Europe, and will be dropped in North America this Friday, November 13th 2015 both via ToT Records label.

From press – “A monolithic wall of dread and despair shrouded in sulfuric atmospheres and an overwhelming sentiment of desolation, Moloken‘s All Is Left To See centers itself around a lyrical concept called mörkrets kärna (Swedish for ‘darkness core’), and serves as a veritable soundtrack to falling into a pit of misery, depression and paranoia, dragging down loved ones and trying desperately to make sense of it all. Could this be the end? All is left to see…”

Order the album on the ToT Records webstore and follow Moloken on Facebook for the latest updates from them.

All Is Left To See track listing
01. Subliminal Hymns
02. All Is Left To See
03. I Can’t Hear You
04. Burst
05. Seventh Circle
06. Wreckage
07. I Dig Deeper
08. Beginning of The End

Moloken - Subliminal Hymns - Cover

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