More Disturbed Making of Immortalized Trailers

Yet more studio trailers from Disturbed detailing the making of their album Immortalized which is due for release on August 21st, 2015 via Reprise Records.  Immortalized can be pre-order from most digital outlets.

Talking on the secrecy with which Immortalized was produced, singer Dave Draiman told

It took a lot to keep things quiet.  It took a lot of pain and agony and white lies and deception non-disclosure agreements. How can you explain to all your friends and family that you’re leaving home for four months to be in Vegas, y’know? To come up with something that you’re so proud of and not be able to tell anyone about or play it for anyone is torturous, believe me.

When asked about the bands Hiatus during the same interview, guitarist Dan Donegan said:

We always said right from day one that this was a hiatus, and it was planned and calculated and we were going away for awhile, and that it wasn’t a break up, just a break.

We wanted to give the fans a break, and we wanted to give ourselves a break and break up that routine so it didn’t feel like it was just a machine to us of write, record, tour, do the same festival over and over. That was all great, but we just thought, ‘Let’s put the brakes on for a minute here. Let’s walk away from it and give everyone some room to breathe and we’ll come back when we’re ready to come back and when we feel like we’ve got the strongest album we can deliver.’ We were at the peak of our career and that was a tough decision to make, but we felt like it was the right one.

Dan Donegan mentioned that there was a close call towards the end of the recording process when a radio convention came to down and planted at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where he and Wengren were staying:

We would sneak in separately, go into different doors and not be seen together and hope that nobody would spot us and blow our cover. Somehow we pulled that off.   Since there was no time frame on this, we didn’t want to speak too soon.  We just wanted to see how the process went and not get people all whipped up and have the microscope on us while we were doing it.

Talking on the immediate touring future of Disturbed Dan Donegan added “Touring to support Immortalized is up in the air right now. Because the project was kept so quiet, Disturbed‘s management and agents have not been in contact with promoters to talk about potential dates. Hopefully once the single drops and we announce… the discussions can start happening and we can see what the game plan is, I’m not sure how soon we can get back out there – how much notice we’re going to need or what tours we’re going to want to do and put together, or what seems like the right time for us to go back on the road. But we’re all excited and dying to get back out there and get on stage and play these new songs and the old stuff. I look forward to that”.

Disturbed released a video for the song The Vengeful One a few weeks ago, which has already racked up more than 4 million views on Youtube.

Disturbed Immortalized

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