New Years Day Malevolence Album Details Unveiled

New Years Day are to release their third studio album Malevolence on the 3rd of October, the record was produced by Erik Ron and will be the first release by the band to go out via the Another Century Records label.

Lead vocalist and founding member Ashley Costello had this to say about the record – “Malevolence is the most personal album we have ever written to date. More than ever you can really feel the blood and tears in these lyrics. It wasn’t an easy process because it was so emotional but what came from it is honest and real. It’s therapeutic and angry but still shows vulnerability. Our producer Erik Ron will always start an album by asking me ‘What are you feeling right now?’ to which I replied, Pissed off. – I think anyone that has suffered through loss, betrayal, insecurity and abandonment will absolutely relate to it. For me, it felt so good to get everything I had been bottling up out and hopefully it helps others in the process.”

Malevolence track listing:

01. Kill or Be Killed
02. I’m About to Break You
03. Alone
04. Left Inside
05. Relentless
06. Save Myself from Me
07. Suffer
08. Anthem of the Unwanted
09. Scream
10. Your Ghost
11. Defame Me
12. Malevolence

New Years Day - Malevolence - Cover

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