Of Spire & Throne ‘Sanctum In The Light’ Album Streaming

Of Spire & Throne are streaming their full new LP titled Sanctum In The Light.  The album was produced and engineered by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio, with additional recording done by Stu Gordon at Wall of Sound Recordings, then mastered by James Plotkin.   The record was released last October 2015 via Aesthetic Death Records and can be bought in limited digi-pack CD format, and as a digital download over on Band Camp.  Check out the full opus in the player below.

Sanctum In The Light track listing:

1. Carrier Remain 14:03
2. Fathom 08:23
3. Upon the Spine 13:11
4. Gallery of Masks 18:32

Of Spire & Throne Sanctum In The Light Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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