Prong ‘X – No Absolutes’ Album Detailed

Prong have revealed the remaining details of new Prong LP titled  X (No Absolutes) which will be out January 29th, 2016 through Steamhammer/SPV.  Pre-order over on the EMP webstore, and checkout this page for details of the Prong 2016 touring schedule in support of the new LP.

Says Prong on the new LP – “Prong is excited about the upcoming release of our tenth studio release of new material, X – No Absolutes. It seems as though our recent records keep getting better and this new recording definitely appears to be a testament to this. Prong has maintained aggression while tackling the challenge of creating classic songs and anthems in the past, but we have gone even a step further with this mentality on No Absolutes. Here you will find a collection of riff intensified crushers, furious barn burners, and fist pumping sing-a-longs.”

“Also, this record exhibits even more technical proficiency, showing progress again on all fronts. We feel the listener needs to be excited about every lyric, performance, sound, etc. for the duration of the record. This record throws a powerful punch, yet we feel it to be memorable and in demand of future listens with it’s energy, strong production and overall catchiness.  Our themes on this record will certainly inspire some thought. Whether it be a dose of self discovery, a dialogue of a personal challenge or a viscous finger pointing at what we believe to be a falsehood, those attentive to messages and lyrics in general will be supplied. And we feel they will be compelled to shout aloud with, mimic a riff, sing along or cry out in pain with Prong X – No Absolutes!

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X – No Absolutes track listing:

1. Ultimate Authority 2:54
2. Sense Of Ease 4:05
3. Without Words 3:18
4. Cut And Dry 3:51
5. No Absolutes 3:17
6. Do Nothing 3:40
7. Belief System 3.21
8. Soul Sickness 3:05
9. In Spite Of Hindrances 2:45
10. Ice Runs Through My Veins 4:04
11. Worth Pursuing 3:12
12. With Dignity 3:14
13. Universal Law (DigiPak bonus track)

Prong X - No Absolutes Cover

Prong - Prong - X (No Absolutes) - Cover

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