Queensryche ‘Condition Human’ Track By Track Parts 2 & 3

Progressive power metal band Queensryche have been putting out  a series of track by track explanations of their latest album Condition Hüman which was released on October 2nd via Century Media.   The LP was recorded with Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris at Uberbeatz Studio in Washington and is available to buy now everywhere.

The next two in the series have been published with Michael Wilton continuing on his explanation of the songs on the LP.

The documentaries come on the heels of two new music videos for Arrow Of Time and Guardian which the band let fire over the past month.

Band drummer Scott Rockenfield said of  Condition Hüman – “All about experiences that we had had recently in our travels around the world doing shows for the last few years. Some songs there’s personal aspects to ’em, and some are observations that we have seen with people and events, so we started to realize that a lot of this is about the human condition.  We’re not trying to sell anything here by any means. It was more observation”  …Our fans love metal, and we’ve been pretty good at doing metal in our past, so Let’s have fun with some of that again. Let’s do it and see what it means for us. We definitely had conscious discussions about it, and now that we have Todd, Todd loves metal, so it was easy to have that conversation about pushing the band in a little bit of that direction.   …I think we wanted to show our fans that we can be a metal band and a rock band, and that we can also write songs that have writer dynamics. I still think we’re doing everything within all the realms of what Queensryche is known to be doing. This record is just another extension of that for us.”

Condition Hüman track listing

01. Arrow Of Time
02. Guardian
03. Hellfire
04. Toxic Remedy
05. Selfish Lives
06. Eye9
07. Bulletproof
08. Hourglass
09. Just Us
10. All There Was
11. The Aftermath
12. Condition Hüman

Queensryche - Condition Human - Cover

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