Screaming Beast ‘To Assail And Conquer’ EP Streaming Online

Southern tinged groove metallers Screaming Beast have dropped their latest three track EP entitled To Assail And Conquer online for streaming via their Band Camp profile.  The EP features artwork by the talented Monkey Mouth and is available to buy as a digital download for about the price of a cup of coffee.

Screaming Beast are formed from members of Manchester’s Wolfcrusher, Collibus and Denmark‘s Billy Boy in PoisonDirt Forge who have come together to create some truly unique and aggressive metal.

From press about the band – “Screaming Beast was originally created as the musical brain child of Daniel Mucs – the Hungarian involved with such bands as Collibus, Wolfcrusher, Not Above Evil and Dirty Habit – who was seeking a fresh musical direction. The concept was simple, to combine the edgy, aggressive, nature of metal with the epic and melodic, seeking a more accessible, groovier sound. The band was then joined by welsh groove vocalist Anton War – formally of Gridlocked – who added the Pantera-esque vocal style that the music demanded. Next Came the Danes, truly making this an international project; Troels Lehmann, an already accomplished bass player from Billy Boy in Poison joined the fold. Finally Nicolai Lomholt, the work horse of Dirt Forge added his own blend of well-timed brutality, to the mix.”

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To Assail And Conquer track listing

1. This Dawn This Day 03:53
2. Silent Submission 03:31
3. Giving Into Fear 05:18

Screaming Beast - To Assail And Conquer - Cover

Screaming Beast are:

Anton War – Vocals
Troels Lehmann- Bass
Nicolai Lomholt – Drums
Daniel Mucs – Guitar

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