Scythian ‘Hubris In Excelsis’ Full Album Streaming

London death metal band Scythian have released their full second album Hubris in Excelsis for streaming online.  The album was recently released via Hells Headbangers and can be ordered from the Scythian Band Camp, and you can follow them on Facebook for the latest updates from the band.

Hubris in Excelsis Track List

1. Beyond the Dust…
2. Hubris in Excelsis
3. Apocalyptic Visions
4. As Tyrants Feast…
5. Penultimate Truth : Ultimate Deceit
6. The Laws…
7. Three Stigmata
8. War Graves (Dulce et Decorum Est…)
9. Dystopia

Scythian - Hubris In Excelsis - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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