Serenity ‘Codex Atlanticus’ Album Detailed

Serenity are to release a new LP titled Codex Atlanticus next year on January 29th 2016 via the Napalm Records label.

Serenity commented – “After 3 months of hard work, 150 unhealthy McDonalds meals and 200 bottles of Jägermeister we’re done – Opus finitum est – our 5th fulll length album Codex Atlanticus is ready to conquer the universe! Inspired by the life of Leonardo Da Vinci we created a bombastic album with melodies that can easily fit as a soundtrack for Game of Thrones!”

From the press release – “Leonardo Da Vinci is the center of attention here, but lovers of conspiracy theories, Illuminati and so forth will also rejoice when mastermind Georg Neuhauser gives free rein to his compositional genius. This album is full of monumental, movie score-ish orchestral arrangements mean riffing and lush melodies”

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Codex Atlanticus track listing:

1. Codex Atlanticus
2. Follow Me
3. Sprouts of Terror
4. Iniquity
5. Reason
6. My Final Chapter
7. Caught in a Myth
8. Fate of Light
9. The Perfect Woman
10. Spirit in the Flesh
11. The Order

Serenity - Codex Atlanticus - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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