Stabbingback ‘Requiem For A Dime’ New Song Streaming

Seattle US metal band Stabbingback have released a new song entitled Requiem For A Dime.

Stabbingback had this to say about the track- “Originally, the song Requiem was released as part of the original album Redeemer in 2008. This is the re-release of that song but with better production. It’s being released as a single rather than being a part of Project Redeemer because the project is looking to tell a story. The song Requiem for a Dime is one of 2 songs from the original album Redeemer that was meant for live performances sake.  This song was written as a tribute to Dimebag Darrell, the guitarist for Pantera. The guitar tone in this song alone was altered to be a bit closer to their tone as an homage. Although he was murdered on December 8, 2004, his signature style of guitar playing is something I still reference in my own writing to this day.”

Author: Staff Writer

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