Sunless Rise ‘Unrevealed’ Album Streaming

Sunless Rise are streaming their debut LP Unrevealed online.  The album was released back on December 4th 2015 and is available to buy and stream over on Band Camp.  You can hear the full opus in the embed below.

Sunless Rise comment on the concept of the album – “This is the story of a man who destroyed mankind. The man who played a crucial role in shifting humanity toward the final catastrophe – but managed to flee into the mysterious outer limits beyond time and space, life and death. This journey starts off with the world’s end and takes a turn into twisted realms of ancient cults, forgotten cultures and revelatory subconscious experiences. This is the story of our Past and Future colliding into one man’s spiritual rebirth. A parable with an unimaginable finale”

Unrevealed track listing:

1. Nothing To Save 03:09
2. Ghosts Of The Past 07:21
3. Awakening 06:08
4. Lost Path 04:44
5. Eidolon 06:35
6. Reborn 03:23
7. Recovering The Truth 04:48
8. The Burnt And The Frozen 05:25
9. The Forgiven 06:34
10. Sunless Rise 04:11

Sunless Rise Unrevealed Cover

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