Tanned Christ ‘Antipodean Sickness’ Album Streaming

Australian grindcore maniacs Tanned Christ have published their entire new LP Antipodean Sickness online for streaming, check it out in the Band Camp player below.   The record was released back in May 2015 via the Grindhead Records label.

From the press release – “Antipodean Sickness will hit you like a bottle of tequila and then it’ll start making sense, somehow. I hope. Initially difficult to comprehend, things fall in place once you determine its intent and approach. It becomes the music your inner complacent critic secretly yearns for – something challenging, something vile and something that’s demanding enough to get you to sit up and listen intently. It’ll make you scratch your head. While volatile and harsh in its expression, it’s surprisingly intricate and technical. Discordance Axis comes to mind, along with Brutal Truth circa Sounds of the Animal Kingdom and the underrated Aussie beast One Step Beyond. Many bands have tried to push the limits but listening to this one, you know Tanned Christ has done something exceptional and truly challenging. In terms of its boldness, this is in the same league of bands like Pig Destroyer, Dephosphorus, Morgue Supplier and Antigama.”

Antipodean Sickness track listing:

1. Insolvent Self 01:06
2. Global Priest 01:04
3. Street Change 01:00
4. Antipodean Sickness 00:56
5. No Love Ever 03:19
6. The Call of the Meat 02:34
7. Abscond 01:24
8. Mooncalf 01:44
9. Prowler I 01:10
10. Prowler II 03:26

Author: Staff Writer

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