The Dayglo Abortions ‘Canadian Hate-Triot’ New Song Streaming

Canada’s The Dayglo Abortions have released a brand new song titled Canadian Hate-Triot, which will be featured on the LP by the band due for release next year, with more details to follow.

The track is a rage against former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper who was deposed in the recent Canadian general elections with Justin Trudeau the head of the liberal party now in his place.

Says the band – “Stephen Harper is a traitor to Canada. He has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard for democratic process. He has opened up our National Parks to industry. He has used omnibus bills to sneak in legislation that undermines our legal system, and limits federal support of universal medicare. He has gutted our environmental protection programs. Terminated programs for protecting women from violence. He has the worst job creation record of any PM since WW2. He has made it possible for Canadian Citizenship to be revoked without a trial. He has thrown up obstacles to prevent young people from voting. He has destroyed the results of government funded research programs and crippled the world renowned Department of Fisheries research centers. And to top it off he is a racist and a liar. Canada and the world deserves better than this.”

Said The Dayglo Abortions front-man The Cretin – “Occasionally, I get personal in a song, and when I do, it’s not going to be complimentary. This is no catchy campaign jingle full of meaningless slogans and empty promises in the hopes of redirecting the voters’ gaze away from the many crimes that the Harper government committed while in office.  No, this is a punk song, blunt as a blackjack. To the point, like a stick in the eye. Stephen Harper and his party have betrayed Canada and our future, by selling our resources to foreign interests and allowing the wholesale rape of some of the last pristine wilderness areas on the planet.  They are choosing short-term profit over future prosperity, and setting our justice system back to the Middle Ages, not to mention turning the medical marijuana industry into a corporate cash bash. He is nothing more than a towel boy for the corporate gangsters and the international bankers that are ruining our planet. We can do better than this.”

Author: Staff Writer

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