Twelve Foot Ninja ‘One Hand Killing’ Music Video

One Hand Killing is the killer new music video from Aussie experimental rock/metal act Twelve Foot Ninja.  Be prepared for the special brand of down under Twelve Foot Ninja humor followed by an eclectic mix of alt-metal and ragga rock, very fun.

The track is taken from their second studio LP, which is due for release in 2016, you can take part in the production of the record by pre-ordering on the bands Pledge Music campaign.

Said the band – “Two years ago we climbed a mountain . . . and as we stood upon that mighty precipice, we peered down into the void and heard the echo of a duck’s quack – a rare occurrence. ‘Let’s write another album’ somebody said. We all nodded.  Now enough hodgepodge. We’re bloody excited about this new album and the time has come to etch it in stone (record it) and we’re going to share that journey with those who support us. It’ll be like a plastic cup tied to a bit of string connected to the internet . . . but way more functional and interesting.”

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Twelve Foot Ninja - band

Author: Staff Writer

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