Whiskey Ritual ‘Blow With The Devil’ Album Streaming

Whiskey Ritual have dropped their entire new album Blow With The Devilonline for streaming.   The LP was released on November 27th 2015 via the Art Of Propaganda label.

From the press release – “A crown jewel of filthy, misanthropic black ‘n’ roll, Blow With the Devil comprises ten anthems of utter disgust and degradation, abject hatred both internal and external. Whiskey Ritual hail from Italy, which has long maintained a thriving metal-punk scene as well as a small but well-regarded black metal one. Across the accurately titled Blow With the Devil, the quintet caustically combine these two idioms, making for a hellish ‘n’ headbanging ride through horror and human emotion, hailing Henry Rollins, speed & chicks, nekro street gangs, and Satanic kommandos among many other unsavory things. It’s non-stop, unbridled belligerence backed up with wrist-slitting atmosphere”

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Blow With The Devil track listing:

1. Blow with the Devil
2. My Funeral
3. Too Drunk for love
4. Satanic Kommando
5. Speed & Chicks
6. A.B.I.T.C.H.
7. Mephistopolis
8. Nekro Street Gang
9. Henry Rollins
10. Tank of Intolerance

Whiskey Ritual - Blow With The Devil - Cover

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