Opeth Cusp Of Eternity Video

A great track from Opeth beautifully accented in this amazingly animated video, the whole thing has a sort of Grimm fairy tale feel about it, opening with a person sitting with a flaming book at sunrise.  The main riff of the track chuggs in like a steam train with Mikael Åkerfeldt‘s voice souring above during the verse filled with drama and urgency.  Layers of wailing guitars accompany the main riff and become more focused in the interlude, while the chugging riff remains ever present driving the song along, through another verse and choir sung chorus, until the song finally reaches an amazing crescendo with the guitar solo played by Fredrik Åkesson.  Top Notch song and video.

Cusp Of Eternity Lyrics:

Child of autumn was born
To a world of deceit and then a land of lies
Break her bonds would take her away
The stars that stands are lost in eternal sorrow
She walks across the country
She holds her hand up high in the rain
Mother was screaming for help
She turns around to stare at a scene from her memory
She sighing, wishing her heart
Flew through a flap of wings that’s come from a dream
That someone is waiting to see her name
Coming to inside at the cusp of eternity

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