Tsjuder Antiliv Album Review

Antiliv begins with the sort of devastating form that transports the listener directly to the ferocious Tsjuder battlefield, unleashing on them with a bloodcurdling scream, the onslaught that Kaos breaths as the album marches off to war.

Krater starts with a more pensive mood, before the double kick picks up to eventually drive the song into another lurching, raging assault, which after the biggest tom-roll in history, eventually builds into a massive galloping ending, full of interesting melodic lines and flowing guitar riffs. Krater is also the second longest song on the record at over seven minutes long, however it takes you through a sufficient journey to remain interesting throughout.

The assault continues on in Norge where we begin to hear more traditional black metal sharp fifth sounds, the percussion remains at battle speed as layers of dis-jointed riffs and Nag‘s (Jan-Erik Romøren) denunciation continues on without mercy.   Djevelens Mesterverk bring the speed of the record almost to its peak, the riffs and blast beats are deeply embedded throughout as the song tirelessly forges on with some almost Slayer like riffs but at lightening speed.  The track is generally original and seems to fit exactly where it is, adding to the overall journey of the record so far.

Moving into Demonic Supremacy, the track picks up where Djevelens Mesterverk left off, with remorseless ferocity until we hear the first and only guitar lead part so far, which appears almost like a command to slow the track down to a marching groove for a period, the song ebb’s and flows like this for a while, between rage and relative calm until it arrives at the atmospheric closing sermon.   Slumber with the Worm and Ved Ferdens Ende continue the malediction in the same unyielding fashion, broken up with a deeply melancholic part in Ved Ferdens Ende which seems to move to optimism as Tsjuder regain the higher ground.

The title-track Antiliv is the last and also the longest track on the record, it lacks the mindful savagery of most of the rest of the LP, but it is no less compelling, we are taken through various fluid, and cutting riff sections into the fast tremolo picked break which signals the beginning of the end of the expedition, ultimately pulsing into one last voracious attack until there is nothing left but wind, as the album ends.

Tsjuder said when they released the LP “Our new album Antiliv is yet another fist in the face of everyone. It’s Tsjuder. It’s pure black metal with no fucking compromises. “.   They weren’t lying, this album is a crushing, stormy assault on the senses, it doesn’t compromise, it doesn’t withhold anything, yet remains musical and keeps the listener interested.  The feeling of wildness and damnation is ever-present throughout the record, along with the sense of being transported to another place and time to join the Tsjuder horde as it forges onward’s to war.

The LP was released on September 18th 2015, and is available to buy now in several formats, including various limited colored vinyl’s via the Season of Mist label.   Order yours in North America via the Season Of Mist US Store and the rest of the world via the Season Of Mist Regular web shop.

Tsjuder - Antiliv - Cover

Author: Staff Writer

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