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Cry of Achilles is the second single that was released from the fourth full length Alter Bridge album Fortress.   The record was released to wide acclaim in September 2013,  with music videos created for both Addicted to Pain and Cry of Achilles.  Fortress has been almost universally praised for the impeccable musicianship thought provoking lyrical themes and great song-writing present throughout.

The bands bass player Brian Marshall said about Fortress – “I think it’s definitely a little bit more cerebral. I think every record we try to kind of better ourselves, and I think this record definitely shows that we’ve progressed, and the arrangements of the songs, we didn’t think about too much, rather just letting them evolve. In the end, I think it shows all of that as well. We would just try things out all the time, and eventually, some of the songs would get pretty lengthy and well, we didn’t care. We’ve got a couple of 6-7 minute songs on the record, and our fans like that, and we like it too. We like those journeys that we can take with a piece of music when we can really hit it hard and that’s just something Alter Bridge has become accustomed with and it’s just kind of where we’ve gone. Consistently we’ve just kind of been pushing ourselves. The songs on the record are a bit more up-tempo as well. I think this is our epic. It’s our hardest rock record to date.”

Cry of Achilles Lyrics

Crying out
Now you can’t escape you are buried in doubt
And it pulls you down
Now you’re in too deep
You may never get out
Such an awful fate

Tear it down
It’s almost too late is the end coming now
As you scream out loud?
You sever the peace
Till your truth has been found

Is there nothing left to follow?
Is there nothing left to steal?
Crying out for something more than I’ve been shown
Knowing none of this is real

Don’t close your eyes
Something beautiful is still alive
Don’t close your eyes
Never turn away and let it die

I cannot seem to find the answers
Every truth has slipped away
All that riddles me will never cease to be
Still I search this world in vain

Cry out to save tomorrow
It’s not too late
Or your heavy heart will follow
You to the grave

This is not the end -x2

We can’t hesitate, hope is not too late
For the time has come, what have we become?
Nothing left to do but deny the truth

Alter Bridge - Fortress - Cover

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